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News And Events of Sahaja Yoga in Krishi Field. 

                                           Jai Shree Mataji, By grace and blessing of shree Mataji Nirmala Devi and sincere effort of Dr. Jay Prakash Sharma NT[09436111631], Sh. Jagat Subedi SC[09435558141], Sh Lahar chand Patwa CC Silchur [09435072707] along with sh. G.D. Pareek MS to NSAP a special compaign of SYSA in rural areas of Shilong, silchur,Badri basti,Bhadarpura etc was organised ,more than 400 benefitted. National Trustte  Dr. sharma expressed his nirmal desire to propagate  sahaja krishi in entire 7 states viz Arunachal pradesh,Assam ,Megalaya, Mizoram,Nagaland,and Tripura in forthcoming months due to immense Agriculture potencial[ growing cash crops like Paddy, coconut ,Banana, jack fruit,Rubber, Pine apple, Supari, and Tea basket of India]


One day special sahaja krishi programme followed by mini seminar cum centre was organised 20 Km, away from silchur on NH[silchur to Manipur] at Badri basti village more than 250 farmer families were contacted, take round of entire village, distribute phamphalets and gave them self realisation &sahaja krishi practical training.


Practical demostration was given at farmer field in Paddy crop, giving them vibration use of vibrated water, how to give vibration[ sh. Jagat subedi state cordinator himself spraying vibrated water in paddy crop  photo attach]. sahaja krishi technique as follows.


    1- Paddy  -  use of vibrated seed seedling and vibrated water in field.

    2- Animals-   use of vibrated water to drink and fodder to eat.

    3- Fishries-   use of vibrated water in pond and vibrated fish seed.

    4- Tea plantation -Spray of vibrated water through Sprayer, give vibrations.

    5- Coconut, jack fruit,supari, rubber plant etc-use of vibrated water, give vibration.


Sufficient literature on sahaja krishi was provided to promote SYSA in rural areas to city cordinator

for distribution to North east states like sh. surendra sigh cc Megaliya[09402134383],PHI singhex. sc Manipur[09774498959], shDPMishra sc Sikkim[09434446437],sh kailash sama Gantok[09434468852] Jyotsna Dey dimapur cc Nagaland[09774698521],sh. Parikal sinha cc Tripura[09402136906] sh Prasant Bhowmick cc Agartala[09863434648]and Hooney Dibrugarh [08724030859].


With Regards


On behalf of sahaj prasar and prachea.


Retd. joint Director Agriculture & member secretary to National sahaj Agriculture Project.

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                                                           Jai Shree Mataji. Team of Jagatpura SY centre Jaipur along with city cordinator sh. G.D.Pareek visited Nirmal Dham on 18.04.2014,found tremendous vibrations and growth of living things, combination & permutation take places in plants by grace & blessing of Shree Mataji Nirmala Devi. Details are as follows.


1-Big size of Dahalia flower 30 cm width[15 cm radius].

2-Rose flower 5-6 number on one point.more growth,number of rose flowers[50-60] per plants.

3-Two colour rose flowers on one point.

4-Profuse growth,Vibrations in plants,soil,water,air, environment around Nirmal Dham.

5-Hibiscus[Gudahal] discoloration[green and white leaf] on same plants,various colour leaf].

 Photographs  submitted for perusal .


 Respect &regards.

On behalf of sahaj prasar &prachar.

GDPareek (Member secretary to National sahaj Agriculture Project.)


JAISHRIMATAJI, By grace and blessing of shrimataji Nirmala Devi,a new sahaja krishi guideline book has been published during May 2014 comprising details of SA techanique, experience of farmers,research finding by Agriculture scientist[Agriculture  University] in ENGLISH and HINDI version first time alongwith copy of all phamphalet,sticker and state wise progress of sahaja krishi last 2 year.
  During Adishakti Puja at Haridwar,impact of vibration on living things[ sahaja krishi ] was exhibited by organising exhibition depicting state wise progress through Photographs, distributed 200 Kg vibrated seed  to be sown during monsoon season[ Kharif crops] viz Maize, Jowar ,Bajra,  Lobia and phamphalets ,sticker etc. free of cost to all sahaji yogi yogini willing to promote sahaja krishi in his areas. More than 3000 sahaji yogiyogini benefitted.
                             Sahaj prasar prachar branch Jaipur had also distributed Kit of prasar prachar comprising  Human chart[ stand],posters of public programme,flex material- banner[3 no],THE 21  steps of sahaja yoga in HINDI and ENGLISH,phamphalets of sahaja yoga publity[ Hand bill], details of all chakras. and book of sahaja krishi to all state cordinators city cordinator rural cordinators.

By grace and blessing of shrimataji, remarkable research work by Dr. H.R.Jaiswal 
vegetable Scientist Pantnager Agriculture University Uttarakhand viz.[3 feet long pumpkin,big size and fragrance Rose and Chrysanthemum flower,profuse growth of Tomato,long size  Lady finger etc.] photograph submitted for perusal and promoting in your areas..
On behalf of sahaja prachar prasar
Retd. joint Director Agriculture Govt. of Raj. Jaipur
and member secretary to National sahaja Agriculture Project.
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